Monday, July 13, 2015


We arrived at this beautiful island and stayed for a week.  Bentley loved the beach.  We loved the beach, the town, the people, and meeting up with our friends Tina and Mark again.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Abaco Islands

Crossing from Egg Island to Little Harbor in the Southern part of the Abacos was an easy day trip.
No coral heads to watch out for.  We did however see a pod of whales coming straight for us.  They
sensed us and moved out of the way passing along our port side, and they didn't hit the boat.  It is so
hard to take good pictures of dolphins and whales.  They just won't stop and pose.

Arriving in Hope Town on Elbow Cay.  The lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse in the Abacos....maybe even in the world.

More to come
Spanish Wells, Eleuthra

After an overnight anchor at Egg Island.....for all of you that know my love of eggcups....this was a real treat.   We didn't find any eggs, but we did find lots of birds and a beautiful beach to walk on.

Egg Island on the GPS

Will did enjoy the fishing here and brought in many different kinds of fish.  None of them were the good eating kind though.   They make great bait, however.

Little snappers

Horse eyed jack

We left the next morning and arrived in Spanish Wells on May 13th.  We anchored next to our friends on Rainbow.  Mark poked his head out to say hello, but no sad.  So as we were below resting, I could have sworn I heard someone calling my name.  Looking out of the hatch all I saw was the big ferry going by.  Turns out Tina had taken the ferry to Harbor Island and was excited to see our boat and was yelling out my name.

We spend 4 nights and 5 days on this historical beautiful island.  It was founded by a group of 70 people called the Adventurers that left from Bermuda.  Their boat called the Williams crashed on the rocks on the north side of Spanish Wells in the area known as the Devil's Back Bone.  They lived in a cave they called Preacher's Cave until they finally began settling in what is now known as Spanish Wells.  Eueuthera ithe the island called Freedom.

The people here are descendants of the Adventures and they live off the sea.  Their homes are brightly colored and well maintained.  The school bus is actually a restaurant where Tina and I had great burgers one day.  After lunch we had a museum tour and met our new friend Jean.  We were invited to her home on first street.  I captured a picture of her waving goodbye to us from the side of her house.
Jean waving good bye

Off to Egg Island again only this time with Rainbow.  We had fun even if there was a rainy day once in awhile.  A day of snorkeling and walking the beach was exciting.


Mark with a helmet conch

We are now off to the Abaco Islands.  Little Harbor will be our first stop